lsd gel tabs

LSD gel tabs (lysergic acid diethylamide) has remain virtually constant. The same LSD-soak blotter papers that Timothy Leary used in the early 1960s counterculture are still in use today. However, times are changing, and new technology is being use to cram more LSD into a single tab. LSD gel tab are a new, novel way to prepare LSD that has a number of advantages over traditional blotter paper. acid gel tabs and micro dots Gel tabs can hold up to three times the amount of active substance compared to blotters and have a far longer shelf life. people wondering? is lsd addictive, taking is, gel tabs and micro dots what are lsd gel tab LSD gel tab resemble traditional LSD blotters, except instead of paper, they’re construct of a thin gelatin square injected with LSD. They resemble Jell-O pieces in appearance. They’re sometimes colored or embellished with cut motifs or gold flakes, and other times they’re produced with unusual forms. Designs to make them stand out. A single dose of LSD is contain in each LSD gel tab and micro dots. They’re utilize in the same way as regular blotter papers are. A single tab is placed under the tongue. Where it is absorb by a network of microscopic capillaries lining the tongue’s base.
lsd gel tabs are pretty good since they are more cleaner and also help in the relieve of chronic pains, they as well help to awaken the inner spirit and give good relaxations.

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